GO is your organization.  It belongs to your community, which means that it belongs to you.  

Members of GO have lots of discussions about what community ownership means.  If you own a part of GO, how do you exercise your rights and responsibilities?  How do we define boundaries around our community?  Do we draw boundaries geographically?  Locally, regionally, nationally or globally?  What about around our social or cultural communities?

How you exercise your right to GO is simply by belonging to the community.  The benefits of GO's activities generally extend to everyone, and no one is intended to benefit any more than anyone else.  As an example, take for instance a solar power generation project owned and operated by GO.  The renewable energy generation will offset energy produced by polluting sources such as coal-fired power plants, thereby making the air cleaner.  This benefits the health of everyone in the community, regardless of demographic or ideology.  

How you exercise your responsibility is by becoming involved.  If you want to see positive change in your community, be a part of it!  You can volunteer with GO, and you can become involved in decision-making with Committees or the Board that decide where and how GO's resources get invested.